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Tai Chi Magic 1
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Book for building buddhas.
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Book: Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner
Warrior Athlete
by Richard Del Connor "Buddha Zhen"

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Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner
(Warrior Athlete)

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This is the book to transform your life from being whoever and whatever you are into a Kung Fu hero. A Kung Fu Master is a protector of his family, and community. Shaolin Chi Mantis is a school for creating Kung Fu heroes in the ancient traditions of the original Zen Buddhist Monks of the Shaolin Temple. Our curriculums are a proven method of combining Zen Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Tai Chi to create spiritual warriors, not tournament thugs.

To become a black belt of life, you must harness your mind, reshape your desires, and pave a path of peace and nonviolence. Although most Americans are looking for a new way to "kick some ass," this book will reshape your mind and life into a spiritual journey in which you will become a true hero, a protector of humanity.

This is the required student manual of all students of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan schools. Unlike Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu is a spiritual discipline to develop more than the mind and body. Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu were founded by the same Indian Monk, Bodhidharma, at the Songshan Mountain monastery, known as "The Shaolin Temple."

Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner - Warrior Athlete was written by the founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Zhen Shen-Lang "Spirit Wolf of Truth." Buddha Zhen is also the founder of Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization, and Buddha Kung Fu (schools for making Buddhas). As a Shifu (Kung Fu Master) since 1984, Buddha Zhen has taught thousands of students of all ages including several blind students. Before creating Tai Chi Youth and Buddha Kung Fu, this beginner manual was read by all of his students.

Within the current Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculums, it is presumed you have already read the book, Tai Chi Beginner, or Tai Chi Beginner Class Reading Manual by Buddha Zhen, and also graduated the Tai Chi Beginner program before reading this book. Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner is required reading by students of the Buddha Kung Fu schools and nonprofit charity organization, Tai Chi Youth.

If you have completed the Shaolin Chi Mantis initiate program, you will notice this book is mostly the same as your Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate book. That is because your answers to the questions and understanding of these concepts will be different than before you became a Buddhist disciple of Shaolin Chi Mantis. Put away your SCM Initiate Book, and answer the questions from your new path in life. For fun, you can compare the books when you graduate this SCM Beginner Program.

The Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner book will take one year to complete. It is structured and written with lessons that correspond to the weekly Shaolin Kung Fu lessons. The Tai Chi Intermediate book is to also be studied during this year of Shaolin Kung Fu to complete the student's training and enable them to graduate to the intermediate level of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

If you have recently passed the SCM initiate testing and been initiated into Shaolin Chi Mantis, we welcome you into our Kung Fu family. You are now our brother/sister or son/daughter. You also have new parents and uncles.

If you are not a member of our SCM or Buddha Kung Fu or Tai Chi Youth schools, we hope this book will still benefit you and inspire your life with compassion and wisdom.

An official book of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan.

FIRST: Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual

SECOND: Tai Chi Beginner book

THIRD: Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner book

Buddha Zhen and son, Zhen Song-Dao