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Book: Tai Chi Beginner Class Reading Manual
Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form of Shaolin Chi Mantis
by Richard Del Connor "Buddha Zhen"

Tai Chi Beginner
Class Reading Manual

Yang Style
Tai Chi Short Form
of Shaolin Chi Mantis

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This book is based upon the Tai Chi Beginner - Yang Style of Shaolin Chi Mantis book, published in 1992 by Shaolin Communications and written by Richard Del Connor, "Sifu O'Connor," This condensed version of the original student manual excludes the 444 photos that teach the basic kicks, punches, and SCM Yoga Routine™. These remaining text pages are required of all our Tai Chi students to be read in class. Based upon two decades of reading in class and utilizing this Tai Chi Beginner book lesson plan, Buddha Zhen has created this new version for the convenience of his students to use and read in class for small screened digital book formats.

Richard Del Connor, founded Buddha Kung Fu in 2008, and the nonprofit charity education organization, Tai Chi Youth, in 1996. The Shaolin Chi Mantis school is the original Kung Fu school created in 1992, after he was hired to teach in a maximum security Utah prison, from which all other martial arts programs and styles are derived from. This is an official Shaolin Chi Mantis student manual with weekly lessons that pertain to each week's Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) lessons.

This book is the "Class Reading Manual" of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan schools, Buddha Kung Fu programs, and Tai Chi Youth nonprofit schools. Since 1992 Shaolin Chi Mantis has taught the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form in 16 lessons over 16 weeks along with historical and inspirational essays that correspond to the Daoist intentions of each section of this unique martial arts dance of self-defense and self-development. This Tai Chi Beginner is instrumental in developing better Tai Chi concepts and comprises the "mind" training of achieving a "Body/Mind" balance. Buddha Zhen taught at a YMCA for several years without this manual, then after adding it back into the curriculum had more belt rank advancements each semester and significant health improvements in all of his students.

Richard Del Connor, referred to as, "Buddha Zhen," or, "Shifu," by his students, has been teaching this Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form since 1984. Now, after using this book, Tai Chi Beginner, in over 100 classes and testing it on more than 1,000 students of ages 4 to 76 -- we bring you the Tai Chi Beginner - Class Reading Manual. These 16 chapters of 16 weeks of yoga, qigong, self-defense, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi classes will inspire, improve, and enlighten the reader's life, even if they aren't in one of our classes.

An official book of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan, Buddha Kung Fu and Tai Chi Youth.

FIRST: Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual

SECOND: Tai Chi Beginner book

THIRD: Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner book

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