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Buddha Zhen

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American Philospher,
Poet, Novelist, Essayist,
Composer, Musician,
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Buddhism Basics of shaolinZEN.org

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For six years I've been using these webpages to teach Buddhism to my Disciples, students, and children.

NOTE: Easter Sunday, 2009:
I am starting the Buddhism Basics READINGS in my Zen Buddhist Podcasts. Subscribe for free and follow along.

Buddha Zhen and DisciplesI prefer to test, use, and see the results of my teachings. My initial curriculums usually require very few adjustments, to reorganize them for teaching in youth, or adult or senior programs.

I have learned an incredible amount from teaching Buddhism, Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Often, it is the inabilities and difficulties of my students that motivate me to add or alter the lessons so that everyone can comprehend them better. This teaches me to understand them better also.

These Buddhism Basics will require an adult to aid small children in understanding some of the concepts and big words. But let the children read it out loud anyway. It will improve their vocabulary and keep it interesting for them.

Stop, after each paragraph and discuss or ask questions about the material. This is essential even if you think you understand every word. I recommend reading this with someone, so you can discuss it, disagree with it, but at least think about it.

If there are more than one person studying, alternate who reads each paragraph. Yeah, I know. I've seen how most people 'feel silly' reading out loud. So I'm glad to encourage more people to read out loud more. It will improve your diction. Really. So do it. Read aloud.

Even if you are alone, it might be best to still read the pages out loud to yourself.

Do not underestimate the value of reading out loud. Similar to talking to someone about your problems, by talking out loud, you engage more parts of your brain and can "hear" your words. This means you are actually 'hearing' the words twice: first with your eyes, second with your ears.

Plus, reading out loud is good practice for everyone. Really. Enjoy the sound of your voice. Zhen Shen-Lang and his children

These lessons will require more than one reading, so come back and visit them with a friend... or by yourself. Zen Buddhism is psychology, sociology, biology, and spirituality, mixed together in various ways to promote various enlightenments.

You are certain to learn something new and different, each time you read these.

I put the "BUDDHISM BASICS" link above in the navigation bar, on each page of the website so you can access the this webpage with the STARTER LINK ABOVE to the Buddhism Basics from any of these shaolinZEN.org CyberTemple webpages.

Go to:   Buddhism Basics PAGE 1
(There is a link at the bottom of each page
taking you to the next Buddhism Basic. )

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