Buddha Zhen in Utah 1994
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Flying Buddha

Buddha Zhen at Gil Gal Gardens

Asian Festival Audience practice Qigong with Buddha Zhen

Ming and Father

"When I moved to Utah in 1991," explains Buddha Zhen, "no one there knew what Tai Chi was. The Karate schools didn't know anything about it, and the one Kung Fu instructor who was already there told me, "Tai Chi's for old people," so even he didn't know much about Tai Chi. "

"Then I moved back to California in 2000 and discovered that no one here knew what it was either. Every week new students show up for my classes, and rarely, very rarely, do any of them know anything more than, "Old people do it in the park.""

Buddha Zhen has launched many Tai Chi Kids programs, the Tai Chi Youth nonprofit education organization, and taught in teen rehab centers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, continuing education programs, universities, YWCA, and the YMCA.

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, whose name translates from Chinese, "Spirit Wolf of Truth," has proven that Tai Chi is fun, beneficial, and rewarding for all ages from 6 to 86.

Whatever age you are -- come join Buddha Zhen for a broad overview of what Tai Chi really is, from self-defense, moving meditation, and Qigong breathing.

Next seminar: 2nd Saturday of December
    Crescenta Valley Park
    La Crescenta, California 91214
            12:00PM (noon) to 3:00PM
 updates at:  www.BuddhaKungFu.com/seminars

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