Buddha Zhen in Utah 1994
Buddha Zhen

Buddhist Scientist,
American Philospher,
Poet, Novelist, Essayist,
Composer, Musician,
Kung Fu Shifu,
Tai Chi Master,


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Zen Body

Zen body is what sets Zen Buddhism apart from its predecessor, Chinese Mahayana Buddhism.

They just added some exercise, Qigong, and hippy logic to their old Buddhism to freshen it up.

Your body is your temple of God. Like a house or car, it requires cleaning and maintenance. Shaolin Kung Fu is your daily cleaning and maintenance system--and it's fun!

No matter what religion you are, your religion hopefully teaches you to care for your body. After all, the congregation gets more money from healthy parishioners than sickly, weak peasants. So being Shaolin will make you a better asset of whatever religion you belong to.

Your body is God's body?

Whether God gave you this body, or just loaned it to you--most religions attach some appreciation to God for life and opportunity to live it in a human body.

So each of us represents the power of creation in ourselves.

We create ourselves. We create our self. Someone has to take responsibility for you and your body every day. Are you doing a good job? If you were borrowing your body, would your body's owner be proud of the way you are taking care of it? Is your body in better shape this year than last year?

You get one shot at this body.

One lifetime.

Your Zen Body is your body is your zen is your body of zen is your life.

You never took this seriously before?

That's why we created Zen Buddhism. Not many religions say go out and exercise!

To be a Zen Buddhist, you must do Kung Fu.

Chinese Signature CHOP of Master Zhen Shen-Lang
Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
"Spirit Wolf of Truth"
Patriarch of Shaolin Zen