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Learn Tai Chi from Buddha Zhen
Combat Taiji Seminar - August  

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Qin Na

Combat Tai Chi Taijiquan

The translation for Tai Chi Chuan, or Taijiquan, is Supreme Ultimate Boxing Style.

Hardly sounds like seniors in the park, does it?

Taijiquan, or Tai Chi, was the martial art style taught to family and clan members of the Chen Village, Chen Chiakou, in China.

Invented by the Daoist Monks of the nearby Wudang Temple, Taijiquan had two primary motives:

Originally known as Silk Reel Boxing, the techniques of Taijiquan are amazingly powerful as the practitioner learns to use relaxed fast movements to generate maximum power.

If you are new to Tai Chi, you'll find this seminar fun and fascinating. If you are an experienced Tai Chi artist, Buddha Zhen will improve your techniques and show you a few you probably didn't know.

"I've taught many Korean, Okinawan, and Japanese Karate Masters," adds Buddha Zhen. "They were all gladly surprised to discover new techniques and ways to align their bones in stances for better balance. Many of them had to come back several times because Karate teaches you a few mistakes that are difficult to reprogram correctly."

The Combat Taiji Seminar also includes an introduction to Push Hands or "Pushing Hands." This gentle, no punch no kick sparring, is essential to develop the relaxed give and take that Tai Chi is famous for.

Push Hands Seminars are offered from Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu. more info >

Next seminar: 1st Saturday of August
    Crescenta Valley Park
    La Crescenta, California 91214
           12:00PM (noon) to 3:00Pm
updates at:  www.shaolinCOM.com/events

Tournament Director:

Combat Taiji

Price: $50.00

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