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Tai Chi Magic 1
by Buddha Zhen


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music album by American Zen   (America's First Buddhist Rock Band)
Level 4 Part 1: Kung Fu Cowboy - King Solomon's Temple  


The Hippy Coyote is the Kung Fu Cowboy

4th Album by American Zen
America's First Buddhist Rock Band

CD Imprint Label of AmZen L4

Inside of Fold-Out Album Cover AmZen L4

CD inside cover

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In 2008 Coyote's family fell apart as his ex-wife took his children he'd been Mr. Momming since 1991.

In search of his new family, he launched the Buddha Kung Fu schools and the 12 Step 12 Week Bootcamp as a contracted teacher for the L.A. Parks & Recreation department.

Check out the book he released that year, Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual, written as Buddha Zhen, founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth.

He traded in his Tujunga home for an apartment in Montrose, California. This meant no more drumming... But Coyote used this beehive retreat to release his Buddha Zhen Tai Chi Magic 1 album, already recorded.

After a year, Coyote needed to record this album, Kung Fu Cowboy. By now it had grown to over 36 songs. But he still couldn't record the drums, which needed to be recorded first. So the summer of 2010 became drum summer as Coyote set up his drums each Sunday at the CV Park where he taught his Kung Fu Bootcamp, Tai Chi, and Shaolin Kung Fu classes. The drums were recorded for all the songs resulting in two albums, PART 1: King Solomon's Temple, and PART 2: 3rd Degree Master Mason.

The extra waiting to record these albums allowed him time to graduate the first three degrees of masonry at Magnolia Park Lodge and the Burbank Freemason Lodge 406. On June 9, 2010, Coyote discovered that one of the Kung Fu Forms he taught, "Ling Po," was designed to teach Freemasonry to Chinese during the 1930s in China. This was also the summer Coyote was studying for his "3rd Degree" proficiency test, so the albums recorded that summer became stories of Freemasonry instead of autobiographies as originally intended.

Too large for one album or CD the record was split into two parts which became two separate movie scripts.

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