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music album by American Zen   (America's First Buddhist Rock Band)
Level 3 = I Want You To Love ME  


Coyote in Hollywood Hills

3rd Album by American Zen
America's First Buddhist Rock Band

CD Imprint Label of AmZen L3

Inside of Fold-Out Album Cover AmZen L3

Back in California and looking for love -- our Coyote comes up empty handed as he chooses to remain a Mr. Mom, instead of running off with a wild love affair he has with another Kung Fu student.

"Maybe I should've dumped my family and run off with her. Most men would've."

This wild love affair inspired some great poetry and lyrics, but didn't last long enough for him to write but a couple of songs to her. So, Coyote pulled out some songs he'd written before his marriage and created an interesting tale of love found, love loved, love lost, and now with his shopping cart song for a new girlfriend, "I Just Want To Be With You," Coyote is back on Love Street.

American Zen's first album, LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND earned worldwide acclaim with his 11 recited poems on the CD with 11 folk rock songs.

American Zen's second album, LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER earned more acclaim as Coyote's poetry became more dynamic, and musical, and strangely recorded.

This, American Zen's third album, LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME establishes Coyote's newest invention, "bass poetry." After recording his poetry Coyote came back and recorded his Rickenbacker 4000 bass in the background of each poem. But even this was enhanced when Coyote recorded up to 3 basses on some songs to create lush harmonies between the bass guitars without any other instruments. Check out "Let's Go To Church."

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